The Odds Couple: Spank That Elephant

The Odds Couple: Spank That Elephant

On today’s show: Rob, Lang and Roser breakdown championship week in the NFL, ask if Jimmy G is good enough to get the job done, discuss Patrick Mahomes outdueling Josh Allen and more before getting Lance Taylor’s thoughts on this week’s games and giving picks of their own.

Chris Vernon Show - 1/27/22 | 12 Problems

Chris Vernon Show: 12 Problems

On today’s show: Grizz win in San Antonio + Ja’s massive game + Bane’s back + JJJ’s defense + Dillon’s new hair + Brandon Clarke’s PER + Ja’s All-Star Announcement (10:00) + is Aaron Rodgers headed to Denver (1:04:22) + Tigers vs ECU tonight (1:13:48) and we’ll play Fill In The Blank (1:24:23).

Chris Vernon Show - 1/26/22 | Do We Care What Barry Bonds Did?

Chris Vernon Show: Do We Care What Barry Bonds Did?

On today’s show: Chris is still at home (5:15) + Barry Bonds did not get elected to the Hall of Fame + why it’s a big story + reaction to why he didn’t get in + Roger Clemens, Manny Ramirez, Lance Armstrong, and much more (9:25) + NBA news including the Wizards blowing a 35pt lead, the Kings losing by 53pts, Grizzlies at Spurs tonight and changes to the Rising Stars Challenge (1:07:36).

Chris Vernon Show - 1/25/22 | And Here's Another Hit Barry Bonds

Chris Vernon Show: And Here’s Another Hit Barry Bonds

On today’s show: Hustle lost to the Lakers + thoughts on Lakers players (6:04), TNT Tuesday starts back tonight + James Harden possibly leaving Brooklyn + Ramona Shelburne’s story on the Lakers (16:12), discussion on if Tom Brady will retire (25:40) + Desmond Bane out of Health and Safety Protocols (34:50) + Barry Bonds and the Hall of Fame (36:35) + Sean Payton leaving the New Orleans Saints (56:07) and Roser’s NFL Notes (1:14:52).

Chris Vernon Show - 1/24/22 | NFC Playoffs + 10 Things From The Weekend!

Chris Vernon Show: NFC Playoffs + 10 Things From The Weekend!

On today’s show: With breaking news happening in the sports world every day, here’s our can’t-miss list of headlines from this past weekend.

1. AFC Playoffs (7:34)
2. NFC Playoffs (18:18)
3. Coaching (45:01)
4. Grizz Weekend (49:58)
5. Tiger Basketball (56:46)
6. TV Watching (1:04:21)
7. Auburn (1:06:40)
8. Aaron Jarvis (1:08:12)
9. Ben Simmons (1:12:13)
10. Tonight (1:15:44)

NFC, AFC, And do we agree on Grayson Allen being suspended 1 game? | 3-Point Stance

3-Point Stance: NFC, AFC, And do we agree on Grayson Allen being suspended 1 game?

Grind City Media’s 3-Point Stance segment is a Skype-styled conversation between 2 friends, with 2 perspectives, on 3 topics from the weekend centered on sports, entertainment and pop-culture presented by MTN Dew. On Episode 104, Jon Roser and Meghan Triplett discuss:

(0:00) Intros
(0:25) NFC
(4:20) AFC
(9:00) Grayson Allen being suspended

Chris Vernon Show: All the Smoke

On today’s show: Tigers lose to SMU + Mascot Game + Penny Hardaway’s presser, what it really was about, reaction, what it reminds Chris of, and much more (6:30). Grizzlies are on the road in Denver + upcoming schedule + Ja jersey sales (54:14) and Vegas Insider Senior Handicapper Brian Edwards joins the show to give us picks in the NFL including Bucs/Rams, Titans/Bengals, Packers/49ers and UFC 270 (1:12:50).

Chris Vernon Show - 1/20/22 | All-Star 12

Chris Vernon Show: All-Star 12

On today’s show: NBA All Star Game voting returns + Ja/Luka (3:00) + Grizz fall in Milwaukee + Ziaire down the stretch + missed calls (14:27) + Embiid goes off for 50 (34:05) + news on Rasheed Wallace and why it took so long (42:15) + Lonzo Ball (51:14) + B1OCK PANTH3R (56:15) and we’ll play Fill In The Blank (1:05:54).

Chris Vernon Show - 1/19/22 | There Will Be Blood

Chris Vernon Show: There Will Be Blood

On today’s show: Grizzlies players in health and safety protocols + backup PG tonight? + SLOMO + and the NBA Trade Deadline (3:00) + Grizzlies National Pub + crazy Ja comps + Giannis (1:09:24) + NFL Playoffs + Verno Movie Review (1:18:09) and Mel Kiper’s first NFL Mock Draft (1:26:30).