Beyond Grit - S4:E1 | Hot Grizz Summer League ft. Jitty, X-Man, Des & The Rooks

Beyond Grit – S4:E1 | Hot Grizz Summer League ft. Jitty, X-Man, Des & The Rooks

In the season four premiere of #BeyondGrit, Coach Jenkins speaks on his philosophy of team development highlighting the growth of players John Konchar, Xavier Tillman, Desmond Bane, and rookies Ziaire Williams and Santi Aldama.

Coach Jason March and John Konchar

Hustle to Grizzlies with John Konchar and Coach Jason March

On this week’s episode of the Just Grizzlies podcast with Kelcey Wright Johnson, Grizzlies guard John Konchar joins the chat to talk about the pause in the Grizzlies’ season earlier this year as part of health and safety protocols. He also discusses transitioning from a two-way contract last year to a 4-year Grizzlies contract this season and gives advice to the new members of the Memphis Hustle. Then, Hustle head coach Jason March hops on the podcast to preview the G-League season — which will take place in a bubble in Orlando — and how he approaches this.

John Konchar reacts to Grizzlies extension, talks Jizzy Clothing line | Talkin' Grizz

Talkin’ Grizz: John Konchar reacts to Grizzlies extension, talks Training Camp & new clothing line

On today’s edition of Talkin’ Grizz, Kelcey Wright Johnson is joined by Grizzlies’ guard John Konchar. The pair discuss his new four-year contract with the team, his Jitty clothing brand and what he’s looking forward to in the upcoming season. Konchar also explains how he’s excited to be competing against Dillon Brooks in training camp and how much Brooks taught him about the NBA last season.

Jitty Journey with John Konchar

This week on Just Grizzlies, Kelcey is joined by Grizzlies/Hustle two-way player John Konchar and they discuss life in the bubble, how he is passing his time and much more. John gives his thoughts on Fort Wayne’s newest holiday and plays a game with Grind City Media’s social media manager, Devin Walker, to see who knows the Grizzlies players the best.