Chris Vernon Show - 10/15/21 | Identify The Suckers

Chris Vernon Show: Identify The Suckers

On today’s show: Memphis gets a needed win over Navy (8:00), Grizz/JJJ contract extension deadline looming (15:00), Grizz/Tigers stretch of games coming up (33:35). Senior Handicapper Brian Edwards joins the show to give us picks in LSU/Florida, Cal/Oregon, Syracuse/Clemson, Western KY/ODU, ASU/Utah, K-State/Iowa St, Mich St/Indiana, Minnesota/Nebraska, TXAM/Mizzou, NFL and more (53:15). Vinnie Verno is back with more picks in Week 3 of Locktober in Philanthropy (1:23:23)

Rise & Grind - 10/15/21 | Lang Whitaker, Marlon Walls and Devin Walker

Rise & Grind: Lang Whitaker, Marlon Walls and Devin Walker

On today’s show: Jessica and Meghan discuss the controversial call in the Giants v. Dodgers game, congratulate the Memphis Tigers on the win over Navy, and Tom Brady’s ability to play into his 50s. Lang Whitaker joins the program to discuss the MLB playoffs, his favorite college football game of the week and he gives his thoughts on the Grizzlies preseason performance. Marlon Walls hops on to preview Ole Miss vs. Tennessee and to discuss Lane Kiffin’s return to Knoxville as head coach. The ladies also discuss Meg Thee Stallion’s Popeye’s deal, Meghan Trainers toilet situation and more.

(start) Dodgers v. Giants
(12:01) Memphis v. Navy
(18:17) Tom Brady’s TNF performance
(26:51) Lang Whitaker
(30:05) MLB Playoffs
(33:27) College football games of the week
(39:23) Grizzlies preseason
(48:11) Marlon Walls
(1:09:11) Fashion Friday
(1:20:00) New Adele Song
(1:24:20) Meghan Trainer’s toilet
(1:28:59) Meg Thee Stallion hot sauce
(1:37:59) Jonah Hill asks folks to stop talking about his body

Chris Vernon Show - 10/14/21 | Locked Out

Chris Vernon Show: Locked Out

On today’s show: Sam Merrill and his quest for a statue outside FedExForum (12:07), Devin went to Memphis Madness and gives us a full report (20:24). Grizzlies President Jason Wexler joins the show in-studio to talk about the upcoming season including their COVID testing policy and what went into it, what’s different around the arena including new food/beverage/restaurants/merch areas, the new WynnBET Sports Bar inside the Forum, the new partnership with and their blockchain technology, what it’s like being the President of the team, and more (40:14). Kelcey and Devin return and we all play Fill In The Blank, Sucka! (1:25:43)

Grind City Media Wrestling: The Boogeyman is coming to getcha!

On today’s show: Dustin & Devin are back to bodyslam the best wrestling they watched all week! Plus, they discuss the wildest gimmicks in wrestling as Boogeyman makes his way to Memphis this weekend. All this + MORE!

Chris Vernon Show - 10/13/21 | We Be Straight

Chris Vernon Show: We Be Straight ft. Mike Gioseffi!

On today’s show: Last night including MLB Playoffs and more (8:00) + Memphis Madness tonight and DaJuan Wagner’s kid visiting Memphis and IARP case (10:53) + The Ringer’s and Mike Gioseffi from Sports Cards Nonsense joins the show to talk what’s going on in the sports card industry including the new Fanatics deal, who to buy in MLB Playoffs, boxes and sports that parents should buy for kids, + football and basketball players to buy (48:00).

Chris Vernon Show - 10/12/21 | Appreciate Our Art

Chris Vernon Show: Appreciate Our Art

On today’s show: Devin gets to flex (8:00), Grizzlies preseason including Ja’s explosion, JJJ’s best game and Taylor’s lineups (10:55), Ben Simmons reports to Philly (25:20) and Kyrie Irving will not play for the Nets (35:59). Roser also has his Week 5 NFL Notes (1:20:35).

Chris Vernon Show - 10/11/21 | Ben Simmons Returning To 76ers?? + 10 Things

Chris Vernon Show: Ben Simmons Returning To 76ers?? + 10 Things

On today’s show: With breaking news happening in the sports world every day, here’s our can’t-miss list of headlines from this past weekend.

1. Grizz Preseason (10:22)
2. College football weekend (17:24)
3. NFL weekend (32:11)
4. ESPN college basketball Top 25 (55:55)
5. Kyrie Irving & Ben Simmons (1:01:25)
6. TV watching (1:20:31)
7. Fury/Wilder III (1:28:44)
8. MLB playoffs (1:30:44)
9. College Football AP Top 25 (1:33:28)
10. Ravens/Colts, MLB playoffs, & Grizz/Pistons (1:45:46)

Chris Vernon Show - 10/8/21 | IT'S LOCKTOBER

Chris Vernon Show: IT’S LOCKTOBER

On today’s show: Grizz demolish the Hornets including thoughts on Brandon Clarke, Steven Adams, Bane, Melton, JJJ, Ja and why the Hornets may struggle this year. We’ll also touch on when we might see Kyrie play and when we might see Ben Simmons get traded (10:37).

Vegas Insider Senior Handicapper Brian Edwards joins the show to give us picks in College Football including Alabama/TXAM, Penn State/Iowa, VA Tech/Notre Dame, Illinois/Wisconsin, LSU/Kentucky, Cowboys/Giants & Titans/Jaguars (53:48).

Vinnie Verno is back for picks in Philanthropy. IT’S LOCKTOBER!!!! (1:30:14) 

Chris Vernon Show - 10/7/21 | Ten Toes Down (TA News) + Fill In The Blank

Chris Vernon Show: Ten Toes Down + Fill In The Blank

On today’s show: Cardinals fall to the Dodgers (7:18), Tony Allen mentioned in an NBA Health Insurance Fraud case (13:42), tonight’s Grizzlies/Hornets game (43:55) and we’ll play Fill In The Blank (1:00:18).