Chris Vernon Show - 1/27/22 | 12 Problems

Chris Vernon Show: 12 Problems

On today’s show: Grizz win in San Antonio + Ja’s massive game + Bane’s back + JJJ’s defense + Dillon’s new hair + Brandon Clarke’s PER + Ja’s All-Star Announcement (10:00) + is Aaron Rodgers headed to Denver (1:04:22) + Tigers vs ECU tonight (1:13:48) and we’ll play Fill In The Blank (1:24:23).

Chris Vernon Show - 1/26/22 | Do We Care What Barry Bonds Did?

Chris Vernon Show: Do We Care What Barry Bonds Did?

On today’s show: Chris is still at home (5:15) + Barry Bonds did not get elected to the Hall of Fame + why it’s a big story + reaction to why he didn’t get in + Roger Clemens, Manny Ramirez, Lance Armstrong, and much more (9:25) + NBA news including the Wizards blowing a 35pt lead, the Kings losing by 53pts, Grizzlies at Spurs tonight and changes to the Rising Stars Challenge (1:07:36).

Chris Vernon Show - 1/25/22 | And Here's Another Hit Barry Bonds

Chris Vernon Show: And Here’s Another Hit Barry Bonds

On today’s show: Hustle lost to the Lakers + thoughts on Lakers players (6:04), TNT Tuesday starts back tonight + James Harden possibly leaving Brooklyn + Ramona Shelburne’s story on the Lakers (16:12), discussion on if Tom Brady will retire (25:40) + Desmond Bane out of Health and Safety Protocols (34:50) + Barry Bonds and the Hall of Fame (36:35) + Sean Payton leaving the New Orleans Saints (56:07) and Roser’s NFL Notes (1:14:52).

Chris Vernon Show - 1/24/22 | NFC Playoffs + 10 Things From The Weekend!

Chris Vernon Show: NFC Playoffs + 10 Things From The Weekend!

On today’s show: With breaking news happening in the sports world every day, here’s our can’t-miss list of headlines from this past weekend.

1. AFC Playoffs (7:34)
2. NFC Playoffs (18:18)
3. Coaching (45:01)
4. Grizz Weekend (49:58)
5. Tiger Basketball (56:46)
6. TV Watching (1:04:21)
7. Auburn (1:06:40)
8. Aaron Jarvis (1:08:12)
9. Ben Simmons (1:12:13)
10. Tonight (1:15:44)

Chris Vernon Show: All the Smoke

On today’s show: Tigers lose to SMU + Mascot Game + Penny Hardaway’s presser, what it really was about, reaction, what it reminds Chris of, and much more (6:30). Grizzlies are on the road in Denver + upcoming schedule + Ja jersey sales (54:14) and Vegas Insider Senior Handicapper Brian Edwards joins the show to give us picks in the NFL including Bucs/Rams, Titans/Bengals, Packers/49ers and UFC 270 (1:12:50).

Chris Vernon Show - 1/20/22 | All-Star 12

Chris Vernon Show: All-Star 12

On today’s show: NBA All Star Game voting returns + Ja/Luka (3:00) + Grizz fall in Milwaukee + Ziaire down the stretch + missed calls (14:27) + Embiid goes off for 50 (34:05) + news on Rasheed Wallace and why it took so long (42:15) + Lonzo Ball (51:14) + B1OCK PANTH3R (56:15) and we’ll play Fill In The Blank (1:05:54).

Rise & Grind - 1/20/22 | Grizz/Bucks matchup, Teresa Walker and Memphis vs. SMU Preview

Rise & Grind: Grizz/Bucks matchup, Teresa Walker and Memphis vs. SMU Preview

On today’s show: The Rise & Grind crew start the show talking about the Grizz/Bucks matchup from last night. Teresa Walker joins to discuss the huge Titans playoff game this weekend. (15:00) In Off The Grind, the crew previews the Memphis vs. SMU tonight while discussing the most recent drama of the Memphis Basketball saga.

Chris Vernon Show - 1/19/22 | There Will Be Blood

Chris Vernon Show: There Will Be Blood

On today’s show: Grizzlies players in health and safety protocols + backup PG tonight? + SLOMO + and the NBA Trade Deadline (3:00) + Grizzlies National Pub + crazy Ja comps + Giannis (1:09:24) + NFL Playoffs + Verno Movie Review (1:18:09) and Mel Kiper’s first NFL Mock Draft (1:26:30).

Rise & Grind - 1/19/22 | TV Watching, Grizz vs. Bucks matchup and DeAngelo Williams

Rise & Grind: TV Watching, Grizz vs. Bucks matchup and DeAngelo Williams

On today’s show: Meghan & Jessica start the show with what they watched last night. The duo then get into tonight’s Grizz vs. Bucks matchup (15:00) Off The Grind: Chandler Parsons and more. DeAngelo Williams joins the show to discuss the NFL playoffs (45:00).