Chris Vernon Show - 11/29/21 | Ja Morant's Injury + 10 Things From The Weekend!

Chris Vernon Show: Ja Morant’s Injury + 10 Things From The Weekend!

On today’s show: On today’s show: With breaking news happening in the sports world every day, here’s our can’t-miss list of headlines from this past weekend.

1. Ja Morant Injury (4:55)
2. Grizzlies Weekend Games (24:38)
3. Rivalry Weekend (34:08)
4. NFL Weekend (59:10)
5. Memphis Tigers (1:15:27)
6. TV Watching (1:41:05)
7. College Football Coaching Carousel (1:42:27)
8. Max Scherzer (1:48:42)
9. Michael Porter Jr Injury (1:50:16)
10. Monday Night Football (1:53:01)

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