Rise & Grind - 11/17/21 | MVP Chants, DeAngelo Williams and Squashed Beef

Rise & Grind: MVP Chants, DeAngelo Williams and Squashed Beef

On today’s show: Jessica and Meghan discuss Steph Curry’s early season performance, college basketball upsets, the Memphis Tigers win, and MVP chants before discussing Cam Newton’s return with the Carolina Panthers with DeAngelo Williams. The ladies also give you the latest from pop and entertainment.

(start) Spencer
(7:30) Hustle game
(9:08) Warriors v. Nets
(23:28) College basketball
(26:10) MVP chants
(30:17) Staples Center name change
(42:27) DeAngelo Williams
(1:24:31) CJ corner
(1:26:55) Drake Kanye beef squashed
(1:38:50) Harry Potter reunion
(1:45:10) You confusion

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