Rise & Grind - 11/15/21 | Titans Rolling, Mike Wallace and Engagement Proposals

Rise & Grind: Titans Rolling, Mike Wallace and Engagement Proposals

On today’s show: Jessica and Meghan discuss the Adele 30 performance and share their thoughts on the weekend that was in the NFL. Mike Wallace swings by to give his Mike Check Minute, discuss what’s going wrong with the Grizzlies and to have a conversation about engagement proposals. The ladies also discuss the Memphis Tigers going for two, Cam Newton’s return, Kendall Jenner’s wedding attire and more.

(start) Adele 30
(9:51) Taylor Swift All to Well
(14:03) NFL talk
(28:49) Mike Check Minute
(30:22) Mike Wallace
(41:46) Proposal stories
(57:06) Cam Newton returns
(1:02:14) Memphis Tigers fall to ECU
(1:08:05) Memphis Tigers basketball
(1:12:47) CJ corner
(1:15:16) All Too Well being played in the club
(1:19:18) Appropriate dress for wedding
(1:24:41) Lil Nas X on Maury
(1:30:22) Memphis Tigers women’s soccer team gets tourney win
(1:33:33) Niele Ivey gets championship net

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