Rise & Grind - 11/5/21 | Suns Allegations, Speaking Gibberish and Mariah's New Christmas Song

Rise & Grind: Suns Allegations, Speaking Gibberish and Mariah’s New Christmas Song

On today’s show: Jessica and Meghan preview Grizzlies v. Wizards, recap Thursday Night Football, discuss the Suns’ owner Robert Sarver’s allegations, Kanye West’s thoughts on Big Sean and more.

(start) Grizzlies v. Wizards preview
(8:54) Thursday Night Football recap
(11:42) You description
(19:11) Suns allegations
(45:00) Lakers struggles against OKC
(1:02:27) CJ’s Corner
(1:05:50) Fashion Friday
(1:14:33) Kanye beef

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