Rise & Grind - 10/15/21 | Lang Whitaker, Marlon Walls and Devin Walker

Rise & Grind: Lang Whitaker, Marlon Walls and Devin Walker

On today’s show: Jessica and Meghan discuss the controversial call in the Giants v. Dodgers game, congratulate the Memphis Tigers on the win over Navy, and Tom Brady’s ability to play into his 50s. Lang Whitaker joins the program to discuss the MLB playoffs, his favorite college football game of the week and he gives his thoughts on the Grizzlies preseason performance. Marlon Walls hops on to preview Ole Miss vs. Tennessee and to discuss Lane Kiffin’s return to Knoxville as head coach. The ladies also discuss Meg Thee Stallion’s Popeye’s deal, Meghan Trainers toilet situation and more.

(start) Dodgers v. Giants
(12:01) Memphis v. Navy
(18:17) Tom Brady’s TNF performance
(26:51) Lang Whitaker
(30:05) MLB Playoffs
(33:27) College football games of the week
(39:23) Grizzlies preseason
(48:11) Marlon Walls
(1:09:11) Fashion Friday
(1:20:00) New Adele Song
(1:24:20) Meghan Trainer’s toilet
(1:28:59) Meg Thee Stallion hot sauce
(1:37:59) Jonah Hill asks folks to stop talking about his body

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