Rise & Grind - 9/29/21 | Teresa Walker, DeAngelo William

Rise & Grind: Teresa Walker, DeAngelo Williams, & Tigers Basketball

On today’s show: Meghan and Jessica welcome Teresa Walker to the show to talk about the start of camp for the Grizzlies, Julio Jones’ injury and more. They discuss the first day of practice for the Grizzlies and the Memphis Tigers open practice before talking with DeAngelo Williams about the malice at the Palace, fights in the crowd and more.

(start) Teresa Walker
(6:12) Grizzlies questions going into camp
(7:17) Steven Adams
(9:18) Grizz vaccination status
(12:42) Titans
(15:20) Vandy v. UCONN
(16:14) Julio Jones
(18:37) Richard Sherman on Bucs
(21:19) NFL surprise teams
(29:47) Grizz first day of practice
(31:00) Tigers basketball first day of practice
(43:05) DeAngelo Williams
(1:09:19) Fights in the crowd

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