Chris Vernon Show - 9/24/21 | Progress (ft. Brian Edwards + Vinnie Verno)

Chris Vernon Show: Progress (ft. Brian Edwards + Vinnie Verno)

On today’s show: America dominating the morning matchups in the Ryder Cup (8:08), Drip Lord’s football game ended in a tie (18:41), College Football slate featuring Arkansas/TXAM, LSU/MS State, Liberty/Syracuse, Club Lit, Tennessee/Florida, Georgia/Vandy, Ohio State/Akron, Bama/Southern Miss, Wisconsin/Notre Dame, Memphis/UTSA (23:03).

Vegas Insider Sr. Handicapper Brian Edwards joins the show give us picks for the weekend in College Football and NFL including Arkansas/TXAM, Tennessee/Florida, Louisville/FSU, Nebraska/Mich State, Giants/Falcons, Cardinals/Jags and more (59:06).

Vinnie Verno is back with 5 bloodbaths, mortal locks, and massacres in Philanthropy (1:38:34).

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