Marquavius Weaver Plays 8 Questions! | Peter Mortell HOTY Preston Brady Show...w/ Rodney Owens

Memphis Tigers Running Back Marquavius Weaver Plays 8 Questions!

Memphis Tigers Mortell Award Winner Preston Brady and Grant Gunnell’s fill-in DB Rodney Owens are back for another episode of the Peter Mortell HOTY Preston Brady Show with…Rodney Owens! On today’s show, the pair get to know Memphis Tigers Marquavius Weaver on another game of 8 Questions!

(0:00) Introduction
(1:36) Q1 – Which Player On The Team Would You Never Give The AUX Cord To?
(2:05) Q2 – What Is Something Everyone Likes But You don’t?
(2:23) Q3 – Who Are The Best/Worst Dressed Players On The Team?
(3:22) Q4 – Favorite Toy As A Kid?
(4:18) Q5 – What Would Girls Say Is Your Best Quality?
(5:29) Q6 – What Would You Do As A Job Other Than Football?
(6:33) Q7 – Anywhere In The World, Where Would You Go?
(7:18) Q8 – Hottest Girl In The World?
(8:40) Bonus – Best Impression of Your Position Coach

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