Chris Vernon Show - 9/17/21 | RISK IT ALL

Chris Vernon Show: RISK IT ALL

On today’s show: Grizzlies night at AutoZone Park (8:12), Verno’s trip to the Tiger Book Store + Memphis/Mississippi State thoughts (12:26), Alabama/Florida + Auburn/Penn State + Tulane/Ole Miss (25:54) and Week 2 in the NFL including Cowboys/Chargers & 49ers/Eagles (42:09).

Vegas Insider Senior Handicapper Brian Edwards joins the show to give us his picks in College Football and the NFL including thoughts on Memphis/Miss State, Bama/Florida, Auburn/Penn State, Virginia/UNC, Buffalo/Coastal, Army/UCONN, Fresno St/UCLA, Broncos/Jags, Saints/Panthers, and Bengals/Bears (1:00:30).

After a 4-1 weekend, Vinnie Verno is back with Philanthropy (1:29:58)

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