Memphis Tigers Kicker Joe Doyle Plays 8 Questions w/ Preston & Grant | Mortell Winner with a QB Show

Mortell Award Winner Preston Brady & Memphis Tigers QB Grant Gunnel are back for another episode of [drum roll please] … The Peter Mortell Holder of the Year Award Winner Preston Brady with a Quarterback Show! This week the duo play 8+ Questions with Memphis Tigers punter Joe Doyle!

(0:56) Q1 – Do You Do Yoga
(1:36) Q2 – Why Transfer To Memphis?
(2:10) Q3a – Did You Win a Game at Tennessee?
(2:29) Q3b – Best Wingman?
(3:50) Off-script: Why Don’t You Hang Out With Us?
(4:55) Q4 – Chickens vs Elephants? // How Many Kids Could You Fight?
(5:50) Q5 – Do You Hope You Don’t Play?
(6:12) Q6 – Oldest Thing You Own?
(6:52) Q7 – Unpopular Movie Opinion?
(7:27) Q8 – Who Do You Look Up To The Most?
(7:57) BONUS: Best Impression of Special Teams Coach

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