Rise & Grind - 7/23/21 | Lang Stories, Trivia w/ Cerrito and Meghan Day

Rise & Grind: Lang Stories, Trivia w/ Cerrito and Meghan Day

On today’s show: Jessica is joined by Lang Whitaker (4:01) who shares stories about growing up with Outkast (9:25), Beyonce touching his hair (9:54), talking Grizzlies with Bill Clinton and more (11:17). The two of them also discuss the NFL’s new COVID protocol (45:05) before having a conversation about the Donda listening party and Kanye West with Devin Walker (47:11). Kevin Cerrito stops by and the crew plays a Memphis trivia game and Meghan Triplett joins to preview the Olympics and talk Opening Ceremony.

(0:00) Previews
(7:29) Two Truths and a Lie
(23:36) Learning with Lang
(42:40) Off the Grind
(1:01:41) CJ’s Corner
(1:04:11) Kevin Cerrito
(1:13:18) Fashion Friday
(1:25:01) Meghan Triplett

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