Rise & Grind - 6/30/21 | Penny Stays, DeAngelo Williams and Shot Shooting

Rise & Grind: Penny Stays, DeAngelo Williams and Shot Shooting

On today’s show: Jessica and Meghan discuss Penny Hardaway staying in Memphis, the Bucks falling to the Hawks, and Serena Williams’ exit from Wimbledon. DeAngelo Williams hops on for a bit and then the ladies discuss Keith Sweat Verzuz Bobby Brown, Jack Harlow shooting his shot, mama ducks needing a break and more.

(4:00) Penny Hardaway
(20:13) Bucks-Hawks
(35:20) Off The Grind
(40:25) Meghan Triplett Olympics Article
(43:55) DeAngelo Williams
(1:18:10) CJ’s Corner
(1:20:34) Pop of the Morning
(1:31:03) Double-Tap or Nah

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