Khris Middleton Catches Fire, Chauncey Billups In (Dame Out?), Team USA Dazzles | 3-Point Stance

3-Point Stance: Khris Middleton Catches Fire, Chauncey Billups In (Dame Out?), Team USA Dazzles

Grind City Media’s 3-Point Stance segment is a Skype-styled conversation between 2 friends, with 2 perspectives, on 3 topics from the weekend centered on sports, entertainment and pop-culture presented by MTN Dew. On Episode 80, Jon Roser and Meghan Triplett discuss:

(0:00) Intros

NBA Playoffs
Over the weekend, the Phoenix Suns grinded out an ugly 84-80 victory over the LA Clippers without Chris Paul or Kawhi Leonard on the floor, and the Milwaukee Bucks overcame the Hawks 113-102 in a late 4th quarter effort after Trae Young hobbled off the court in an apparent ankle injury 3:18. How do you see these series ending and what role will injuries play for the victors?

(4:08) Chauncey Billups
The Portland Trail Blazers have hired Clippers asst. coach Chauncey Billups as their new head coach on a 5-year deal despite controversy surrounding a sexual assault allegation case from 1997. With Damian Lillard’s name being tied to the new hire, how do you think this will affect Damian’s future with the Trial Blazers?

(7:47) This Weekend
Jon Roser and Meghan Triplett report on what they watched this past weekend including UEFA Euro 2021 and Team USA Olympics members Simone Biles and Sydney McLaughlin’s electrifying, record-setting performances.

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