Chris Vernon Show - 9/17/21 | RISK IT ALL

Chris Vernon Show: RISK IT ALL

On today’s show: Grizzlies night at AutoZone Park (8:12), Verno’s trip to the Tiger Book Store + Memphis/Mississippi State thoughts (12:26), Alabama/Florida + Auburn/Penn State + Tulane/Ole Miss (25:54) and Week 2 in the NFL including Cowboys/Chargers & 49ers/Eagles (42:09).

Vegas Insider Senior Handicapper Brian Edwards joins the show to give us his picks in College Football and the NFL including thoughts on Memphis/Miss State, Bama/Florida, Auburn/Penn State, Virginia/UNC, Buffalo/Coastal, Army/UCONN, Fresno St/UCLA, Broncos/Jags, Saints/Panthers, and Bengals/Bears (1:00:30).

After a 4-1 weekend, Vinnie Verno is back with Philanthropy (1:29:58)

Marquavius Weaver Plays 8 Questions! | Peter Mortell HOTY Preston Brady Show...w/ Rodney Owens

Memphis Tigers Running Back Marquavius Weaver Plays 8 Questions!

Memphis Tigers Mortell Award Winner Preston Brady and Grant Gunnell’s fill-in DB Rodney Owens are back for another episode of the Peter Mortell HOTY Preston Brady Show with…Rodney Owens! On today’s show, the pair get to know Memphis Tigers Marquavius Weaver on another game of 8 Questions!

(0:00) Introduction
(1:36) Q1 – Which Player On The Team Would You Never Give The AUX Cord To?
(2:05) Q2 – What Is Something Everyone Likes But You don’t?
(2:23) Q3 – Who Are The Best/Worst Dressed Players On The Team?
(3:22) Q4 – Favorite Toy As A Kid?
(4:18) Q5 – What Would Girls Say Is Your Best Quality?
(5:29) Q6 – What Would You Do As A Job Other Than Football?
(6:33) Q7 – Anywhere In The World, Where Would You Go?
(7:18) Q8 – Hottest Girl In The World?
(8:40) Bonus – Best Impression of Your Position Coach

The Odds Couple: Falcons Struggles and CFB Week 3 + Lance Taylor & Pick'em Panel

The Odds Couple: Falcons Struggles and CFB Week 3 + Lance Taylor & Pick’em Panel

On today’s show: Rob, Lang and Roser discuss the Falcons struggles, the Florida quarterback issues, Texas A&M’s underwhelming performance so far, and more. Lance Taylor hops on to break down Alabama v. Florida, Auburn v. Penn St., and discuss the Memphis Tigers’ defense ahead of their match-up with Mississippi State before giving picks of their own from around the NFL and college football landscape.

Rise & Grind - 9/17/21 | Meghan Ain't Going, World's Largest Drum, and Next VERZUZ Matchup

Rise & Grind: Meghan Ain’t Going, World’s Largest Drum, and Next VERZUZ Matchup

On today’s show: Meghan and Jessica welcome Lang Whitaker to the show to discuss Thursday Night Football, attending sporting events in the rain, the new in season Hard Knocks and more. The ladies discuss Notre Dame not allowing Purdue’s ‘Big Ass Drum’ in stadium and Clemson’s place among the traditional power sin college football. Devin Walker stops by to talk Memphis Madness, Katt Williams VERZUZ Kevin Hart, the Body Guard remake and more.

(start) Top 5 songs and sitting in the rain
(9:50) Thursday Night Football recap
(20:69) In season Hard Knocks with the Colts
(27:58) Football games of the week
(34:00) Coaching college or NFL
(57:27) World’s biggest drum
(1:02:50) CJ’s Corner
(1:05:18) Redbirds Grizzlies night
(1:09:00) Memphis Madness
(1:17:00) Fashion Friday
(1:22:00) Katt Williams VERZUZ Kevin Hart

HBCU Huddle

HBCU Huddle: Get On the Jackson State Bandwagon CJ

In this episode, CJ and Mike discuss Jackson State’s dominating performance at the Southern Heritage Classic, Shedeur Sanders’ performance so far this season, Deion Sanders’ thoughts on “money games”, share their favorite on campus concerts, reminisce over Virginia Union’s Ben Wallace and more.

Chris Vernon Show - 9/16/21 | Dark Screen Mode

Chris Vernon Show: Dark Screen Mode

On today’s show: TV last night (3:00), Grizzlies Team Event on Wednesday + Steven Adams talks to the media (19:35), what the numbers say for Memphis/Mississippi State (32:52), and we’ll play Fill In The Blank (1:00:34).

Rise & Grind - 9/16/21 | Kyrie Rumors, Teresa Walker and Top 5 Songs

Rise & Grind: Kyrie Rumors, Teresa Walker and Top 5 Songs

On today’s show: Meghan and Jessica discuss rumors about the Nets looking to trade Kyrie Irving, talk about USC’s coaching search and more before Teresa Walker hops on to discuss what went wrong for the Titans. The ladies also give their top songs of all time, talk about the Proud Family reboot and more.

(3:55) Show Begins
(6:30) Kyrie Irving trade rumors
(15:07) Gymnasts testify in front of the Senate
(25:36) USC coaching search
(39:13) Teresa Walker
(1:01:05) CJ’s Corner
(1:04:04) Bieber fans really want him to get back with Selena
(1:10:48) Kim K Met Gala make-up
(1:14:17) Kate Hudson engagement
(1:16:51) Rolling Stones top 500 songs
(1:25:05) Proud Family reboot
(1:29:12) Double-Tap or Nah

Titans Fans: Is It Time To Panic!? | AP's Teresa Walker Sets The Record Straight | Rise & Grind

Titans Fans: Is It Time To Panic!? | AP’s Teresa Walker Sets The Record Straight | Rise & Grind

Grind City Media’s Jessica Benson & Meghan Triplett host Teresa Walker of the Associated Press to talk about the Tennessee Titan’s dismal blowout against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday and explains why it might not be time to sound the alarm just yet.

Chris Vernon Show - 9/15/21 | HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TRIP!

Chris Vernon Show: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TRIP!

On today’s show: Jaren Jackson Jr’s birthday + looming contract extension (11:50), Memphis vs Mississippi State (15:05), Urban Meyer + the USC opening + James Franklin (50:16), and’s Bill Connelly joins the show to talk about the upcoming week in College Football including Memphis/Miss State, Bama/Florida, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Iowa, Iowa State, Florida State and Notre Dame, his S&P projections for this weekend and more (1:10:40)